Automotive Automation Solutions

For years the automotive industry have been leaders in adopting cutting edge technology.

Automotive Design

Our software team have been involved in writing bespoke cutting edge software systems for many years. In fact most of the vehicles that are driving on the roads today have in one way or another passed through one of our systems.

From systems at parts suppliers to the final assembly line in all the major vehicle manufactures located in South Africa.

iDisplay System

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Our large production progress displays indicate to the production teams the current build status. These key performance indicators assist the production management team to address problems in real time. We have solutions that can be displayed on screens up to 10,000 x 10,000 pixels to support large screen walls. Line faults and build progress indication are recorded from your existing PLC systems and displayed on the large screen displays, while valuable data is recorded from the build process for quality assurance.

The iTrax system is a logistics management system linking to your existing PLC, MES, ERP and SAP systems assisting in a "Just In Time" build process. Use iTrax to log and track barcode data to a database or back to the live systems.

iTrax System

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iPress System

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The iPress system is specifically developed for press and stamping applications. Our system can be customized to suite your existing PLC and can either replace or work in addition to your HMI system

Integrate with your existing vision systems for full part tracking and quality assurance.

iVision System

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iPrint System

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Control your component marking systems, while seamlessly passing data to the PLC controlling the printing fixture. Logging of printed parts to the production database allows keeping track of marked parts.

All of our systems can deliver real time data to the production and maintenance team via mobile devices like smart phones. This flexibility allows enhanced productivity will on the go.


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